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12 Month Self Care Challenge - January - Feed Your Soul

12 Month Self Care Challenge - January - Feed your soul


We often take care of everyone first, and if we have have anything left, ourselves last. Can you relate sis? Our mental health should be our number one priority, after all how can you serve others from an empty cup?  With crazy schedules and juggling work and family commitments, we have to also commit to ourselves. A good way to do is and to do it consistently, is to schedule it.

Make self-care a non-negotiable and schedule it in you planner or journal. This year, our XQuisite Soul Tribe will be partaking in self care challenge. To help with making self-care a practice, we've created a 12 Month Self Care Soulfirmations bundle. The bundle consists of 12 Soulfirmations  sheets and 1 complementary XQuibi sticker book sheet.

This tool will help you commit, stay consistent and track your self care journey.  We've kept it simple for you.  Each month will highlight a new theme. Use this theme as a guide on what you focus on for the month. Planning is a form of self care, and when you use these stickers in your planners and journals, you are making yourself a priority.


January - Feed Your Soul

Feed your soul stickers


January's challenge is all about feeding your soul.  Make it a priority to focus on healthy eating and making small improvements. This can be picking 1 item that you want to work on, or several if you want to make a major change. Some ideas include:

  • Tracking your meals, water, steps. Just the idea of tracking helps you become mindful what what you’re doing. You can then go back and analyze them week to week and see where you can make improvements.
  • Eating out less. This is on my list. When life is busy, we tend to go for what's easy and convenient. But eating out too often than not will hinder your self care goals. Examine how often you eat out, and cut back 1 meal less a week or a month. Just this small change can result in big gains for you.
  • Drink that water sis. When you are more hydrated, your mood improves (among other amazing health benefits). Add an extra glass of water a day. A quick tip is attach this new habit to something you are already doing without thought. For example, if you routinely get up and use the washroom and brush your teeth first thing, have your water bottle filled and ready beside your toothbrush. After your brush, drink that bottle before you do anything else. Don't forget to track it in your planner.
  • Meal prep weekly. Set a routine where you plan your meals for the week, grocery shop, and cook in bulk. Plan out all your snacks. This way, your meals becomes convenient and you don't have to go looking for something to eat when your busy.
  • Indulge. Give yourself a treat (not a cheat). And do it guilt free. This is important and helps you stay the course. Don't hold yourself to some unattainable goal - that only sets yourself up for failure.

If you'll like to join our 12 month self care challenge, order the discounted bundle deal here and join the tribe here. Comment below on ways you feed your soul.

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  • I made page in my planner, to track my eating habits and water into. This was good sticker set for me.


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