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Customer Spotlight - Keisha

Every so often, I will feature one of our amazing customers on our blog.  What better way to start this off with Keisha. Keisha is the 2020 Best Spreads Award winner in our XQuisite Soul Tribe FB group.
Customer spotlight - keisha


Annual year end awards - Keisha Best Spreads


I asked Keisha a few questions about her planner style, why she loves XQS and how she makes those drool worthy planner layout photos.

Here's what Keisha had to say

I was introduced to the planning  community in 2016 by joining the  Facebook group Black Women Who Plan & Create. I had no idea the rabbit hole I was falling into. Avid use of calendars and lists from childhood helped to keep track of my life, however I had no clue planning was a thing.

My journey started using pocket rings, but I quickly realized more space was needed to write and of course "decorate." I graduated to personal rings then moved on to vertical spiral planners.

AKA Drip Lips
I currently use personal rings to decorate and keep track of to do lists, passwords, self care, etc. A vertical spiral planner is used to decorate and plan daily tasks.

I choose spreads according to my mood, holidays or planner challenges. Spreads are always color themed and centered around a specific doll sticker and everything must coordinate (in my John Witherspoon voice).
My favorite supplies include doll stickers, washi, pretty pens and decorative clips.

Zodiac Washi Strips

My favorite shop is XQuisite Soul. XQS exhibits Black Girl Magic through the beautiful XQuibis that look like me and many of my planner friends. The variety of skin tones, hair styles and outfits speak to my soul. It's always hard to decide which to use or even use dolls from another shop.

 XQuibi dashboard layout

When I say taking my pics is nothing out of the ordinary, I'm really telling the truth!! I use natural light and my Samsung S10+ cell phone. Pens and clips are props, then rearranged until I get the desired look. Nothing fancy, no light ring or box.

 January Sticker Spread

I've met some awesome, talented, kind ladies in person at conferences, in groups and Instagram during my planning journey. I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. XOXO


You can find Keisha and more of her beautiful spreads at @jazzy_planner. Follow her to see how she uses her XQuisite Soul planner stickers.

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  • I love my stickers!!!! They are so cut and fits perfectly in my planner!!!!

  • I love my stickers!!!! They are so cut and fits perfectly in my planner!!!!

  • Keisha is truly the GOAT! When I first started planning, I admired her style and attention to details. I finally got up the nerve to DM her and she was very open to sharing her thoughts and suggestions. She continues to amaze me with her creativity!


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