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Customer Spotlight - Tammie

Customer Spotlight - Tammie

This month, we are featuring one of our Branding customers Tammie. We quickly fell in love with Tammie, her cute XQuibi™ and what she offers to our community. Tammie is an author, speaker, mompreneur and coach. She is the owner of Professionally Sassy, LLC, a business dedicated to empowering business women. Her mission is helping them eliminate excuses and excel in life and business while taking a break from reality when they need to.

Tammie eloquently penned some words of wisdom for our readers on how not to make excuses

Sis, what is it that you want to do?

I know there's something in you.

What is it?

I won't think it's silly because it's coming from your heart.

What is it?

Whatever it is, I know it's awesome!

Yet, I see the sigh in your eyes.

That "I can't because...." look is one I know WELL!

What you want to do takes money and time, which you're barely holding on to.

You've got a job that you wonder if you're going to have tomorrow because of the uncertainty of the hour.

You've got these kids that irk your last everlasting eternal nerves, yet you love them dearly because the difference in these times is borderline disrespectful.

You're talented, yet surrounded by blood sucking vultures at work.

You want to do more, yet these vultures are swarming around you, wanting you to stay down.

Then you see another sista getting hers and you're mad.

The thing is this -- she didn't make any excuses!

Tammie's Custom Soulfirmations

She walks the same line you do in life, yet she didn't let either role she plays stop her from getting after it.

She made the money and time.

She sees her job as an investor, not an instigator.

She realizes those kids are her why.

She learns to value her talents and changes her circle and environment.

She didn't make excuses!

May I say that I know why you're making them?

It's because you've settled and procrastinated so much that, when help or accountability comes knocking, you need an out that will keep you from admitting that.

You know it's not getting you anywhere, but you think, "If I can get them off my back and out of my face for JUST a minute, I'll be good!"

But, think about what you said you wanted to do...

How are the excuses you're making going to help that to happen?

They're not, so it's time to get to work!

Who do you need to connect with to make it happen?

What goals do you have around this one thing?

When do you want to have this done?

Where do you need to go to get it done -- both online and offline?

Why is this so important to you?

How are you going to get it done?

How much time, money, and effort will it take to get it done?

Excuses won't answer those questions, but intentional action just might!


If you have goals, aspirations, dreams, and desires that are burning because of the back burner you’ve left them on for years, Tammie can help you. You can contact Tammie for a consultation here or on IG @professionallysassy.


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