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How I Fell Back in Love With Planning

In my previous blog, I wrote about how XQS was created. I started out just like you, a planner girl. I loved all things planners and planner accessories. Not only did planning keep me organized, it quickly became a stress reliever. Planning was part of my self care routine. Fast forward 4 years later and a thriving planner business, I pushed all of that to the side. It seems silly that even when I had access to all the stickers I wanted, and exactly how I wanted them, I did not use them.  Not 1 spread. I would literally drool when I made all the stickers for customers, but when it came to my own planning routine - the pages were XQuibi-less. As a business owner, I got busy in creating products for my market but forgot about why I started using stickers in the first place.

The search for planner peace.

Over the years, I purchased several planners to use for both my personal and business life. Most were good and fulfilled some of my needs, but I found that they were always lacking a few things and I was always looking for something better. And at the same time, I was not pretty planning. It wasn't a rut for me, but more of me forgetting how much joy creating a planner routine brought me.

March 11, 2021 was a significant day. Besides it being my 4 year anniversary, this particular day is the day my love came back and my planner peace was finally achieved.


Soulfirmations Daily

There is such a thing as planner peace!

Since opening XQuisite Soul, I toyed with the idea of creating my own planner. But I just pushed that thought aside and said to myself, one day. Well that day came along about a month ago. Sometime in March I fell in love with the disc bound system - something that even shocked myself because prior to this, I disliked them. But something was different this time. What I love the most is the customization - something I strive for my customers. I also loved that you can fold the covers over and write on them. Half letter worked the best for me since my hand writing is large and I needed space for all the things. On March 11, 2021 I decided to create inserts for a half letter disc system.

Gifting Planner

In a span of less than 2 weeks, 20 inserts that I wish I had in my planner were made and I achieved my planner peace. I brought the new designs to the shop as they were made for those who could also benefit from them. We have a variety to choose from including daily, weekly and tracker layouts. The inserts are currently formatted for half letter planner and are in printable format only. They also fit A5 planners nicely. HP mini is the next size we will work on formatting. You can find them all here.

Bill and Sub Tracker

Now, I open my planner multiple times a day. My planner style changes depending on what I am planning. When it comes to my business, work and tracking things, I am team minimal. I don’t like to use many stickers. Maybe a highlighter and some dots. But, when it comes to journaling and my wellness planner, I need a creative outlet - so I use all the stickers! This brings me the most joy in my planning routine.

You can find all our printable inserts here.

Comment below on what type of planner you found planner peace with. Are you team minimal or team decorative?







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