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Aries Zodiac African American Weekly Kit for Happy Planner

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Aries - the youngest, and perhaps most fiery sign of them all. As fierce as she is playful, the ram goddess is always up for a good time. Keep all of those social engagements straight with this fun, warm-hued Aries weekly planner sticker kit.
​A bold, confident African American Aries woman stands beside her ram spirit animal ready to leap away at a moment's notice.

This zodiac inspired planner sticker set includes seven sheets of stickers from appointment reminders to note boxes. This planner sticker set is available with a darker skinned Aries lady. All of our stickers are fitted for the Happy Planner, but may be compatible with other organizers. Treat an Aries girl in your life to the gift of style and function so she can keep her social calendar on point.

Handmade Item
Made to Order
Details: Premium Matte Sticker Set // Non-removable
Measurements: 5"x7"
Additional Notes: Brown Skinned Aries Woman