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6 Ways To Use Digital Planner Stickers

When you join my email list or purchase Get XQuibified, I gift you a free XQuibi digital file. If that digital file has been sitting in your inbox unused, today I will show you 6 ways you can use them!

6 Ways to Use Digital Planner Stickers

But first, what are digital planner stickers?

Digital planner stickers are illustrations/text in PNG format that can be used to make physical stickers and other crafting projects. These are the same files I use when I make XQS stickers.

Why use them? If you are crafty, it's a low cost way since you only have to purchase them once. Once you purchase a digital file from me, you can download them as often as you like. Also, there is no need to stalk the mail, because you receive the files immediately after purchase.

Here Are 6 Ways You Can Use Digital Planner Stickers

1. Profile picture on your social media. 

SM Profile Pic

This is a great way to share your love for your XQuibi. In fact, I love scrolling through social media and seeing XQuibi profile pics! It's also a great way to change up your profile pic when you don't want to use your photo. Fun fact - For the longest time, my dad didn't have a profile pic on Facebook. Out of the blue he called me and ask me if we would design an XQuibi for him specifically so that he can use it as his profile pic. He's XQuibi #460!

2. Wallpaper on your mobile phone or computer.

I do this one! Both my phone and my computer's wallpaper are with my XQuibi. Simply save your XQuibi digital file and upload to your wallpaper in your settings. If you want to get fancy like I did you can purchase XQuibi wallpaper in the shop here.

XQUubi Wallpaper

3. Print and cut for stickers, decals and die cuts.

If you don't own a cutting machine, you can still make use us this option. You can print the illustration either on sticker paper or cardstock/regular paper. And trim them with scissors. You can glue them or use washi tape to position them in your planners.

4. Utilize in a digital planner like goodnotes.

Digital files are just like physical stickers because you can insert them anywhere. Digital stickers come in the form of digital sticker books, sticker sheets or individual PNG files like our digital files. Simply save your digital planner sticker file and upload them using a digital planning application like goodnotes.

Digital Planner Spread

5. Personalize greeting cards using the digital files.

A fun craft is to use your XQuibi digital files to make personalized greeting cards.

6. Get crafty and create other projects such as dashboards and bookmarks!

You can use digital files to make or add to your craft projects. Ideas include creating a digital vision board, making dashboards in your planner or journal or making bookmarks using both the XQuibi and digital papers for deco. In addition to the XQuibi digital files, have we have a vast array of printable dashboards in the shop. The amount of things you can create with the digital files are endless.

Have you created something with our digitals? Be sure to tag us so we can feature you a future blog!


You may download as many times as you wish, there is no limit. For PERSONAL AT HOME USE ONLY.  My designs and files MUST NOT be copied, altered, shared, distributed or resold in any way. They cannot be used for commercial or business use. This includes any nonprofit uses. In addition, they cannot be used for any branding, logos or promotional purposes. All XQuibi digital files and wallpaper are copyrighted and owned by XQuisite Soul.  ©2017-present. All Rights Reserved.

*If you are interested in purchasing a digital file for commercial use or for a logo, please contact me at for a one-on-one consultation.

Did you know we have over 600 XQuibi digital files in the shop? They are all available here. Be sure to select digital file from the menu, then in the notes in you cart, indicate which XQuibi you want. 

Now that you have some ideas on what to do with your free XQuibi digital, how will you use it? Comment below!

Have you created something with our digitals? Comment below you what you've made and be sure to tag us so we can feature you a future blog!



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