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XQS Tribe Appreciation Program

How to earn shop credits

I get asked often how to redeem crystal rewards, so I wanted to share it today. But before I do, lets talk about what the appreciation program is.

Crystal Rewards

Crystal rewards is a customer appreciation program you join. When you join and start making purchases, you automatically collect rewards.  To collect rewards, ensure you are signed in to your account before you make you purchase. 

How to sign up or redeem rewards

1.Log into your account on the site.

2. Click on the launcher gift icon on the lower right on the page to open the rewards panel. You can then sign up or redeem rewards. If you need your referral link, you can get it here as well.

3. Once you have redeemed your crystal rewards, the reward will remain in your account until you decide to use it on a purchase. Points are not automatically returned to your account if a reward is redeemed and not used.

How to earn crystal rewards

There are several ways to earn crystal rewards:

  • Sign up, earn 100 crystals
  • Place an order, earn 5 crystals for every $1 
  • Share our website on facebook, earn 50 crystals 
  • Follow us on social media such as instagram and facebook, earn 50 crystals
  • Celebrate your birthday, earn 100 crystals 
  • Join our facebook group, XQuisite Soul Tribe and partake in one of the several fun games or giveaways we often hold, and win free crystal rewards

How to spend crystal rewards

Once you have made a few purchases and collected crystals, you can redeem them for shop credits:

  • Redeem 500 crystals for $5 discount, $20 min purchase
  • Redeem 1000 crystals for a $10 discount, $30 min purchase
  • Redeem 2500 crystals for a $25 discount, $55 min purchase

Referral Program

When you sign up for the crystal rewards program, you are immediately given a unique referral URL. If someone clicks your link and makes a purchase, you will be given a $5 discount code, and the purchaser receives 10% off their first order.

Here are some tips to maximize on your referral rewards:

✅ Log in to your crystal rewards account to copy your link. Keep your link handy on your phone in the notes.
✅ Add your link to your social media accounts on your linktree or profile
✅ When you post your hauls and spreads on FB, add your link when applicable
✅ If someone in your planner groups is asking for a product that you know we have, share your link
✅ If you love a product like the monthly sticker subscription, tell you’re planner friends and tell them to use your link when they sign up
Talk soon,
xoxo Nana



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