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Customer Spotlight - Marlena

Customer Spotlight - Marlena

This month we are celebrating one of our loyal customers Marlena! If you have purchased a mini weekly kit from me, most likely you have one of Marlena's XQuibis in your planner layouts! Not only is she a self proclaimed XQuibi-holic, her customs are a shop favourite and one of our best sellers! 

Marlena graciously shared in her own words on her love for planning

I've always been a "list maker", but I officially became a planner in the summer of 2017. I saw someone's Happy Planner and instantly fell in love. Little did I know that I would fall head-first into a deep rabbit hole! Ever since then, I have been trying to "find" my planner style.

For years, I have tried to plan one week at a time. That has turned out to be a terrible mistake on my end. I now try to decorate my planner spreads by the month.

I usually decide my spreads based on what is going on that month. For instance, there is always one week a month that is dedicated to being decked out in pink and green. That is always the week that I have sorority chapter meetings. It helps me remember that I have something to do that weekend! Other than that week, I just pick a kit and go for it!

Some of Marlena's Custom Mini Weekly Kits (not all!)

Marlena's Mini Weekly Kits

Currently, my favorite planner supplies are stickers (of course!), sticky notes, and smooth writing ink pens.

I love XQS for 2 reasons: the brown girl representation and the CEO! When I first began decorative planning, it was hard to find stickers that represented me. I was able to find that at XQuisite Soul. As for the CEO, to put it simply, Nana is the BEST in the business. Nana manages to make each customer feel important. That goes a long way with me.

I think it is safe to say that I am an official XQuibi-holic! All it took was that first Get XQuibified order... I'm addicted!  The XQuibis, custom mini weekly kits, and ALLLLLL of the other customs I have ordered have been because 1: I feel like I have the tendency to be more vested in my plans when I see something I created on the pages, and 2: I like helping give people options when purchasing stickers.

I'm STILL trying to figure out how to store my stash! I have stickers everywhere!!! Every time I think I have a system worked out, it turns into another epic fail!

Pinterest and Google have been my go-tos for the quotes and outfits.  I basically take the emotions from that day or week and do a search. With the outfits I ask myself, "If money wasn't an option and I could buy whatever I wanted to wear for a meeting, what would I choose? If outside was back open, what would I wear for a quick run to the store? If I went to the gym for fun, how would I dress?" The answers to those questions are the outfits that I choose.

Counting the one I had done for my daughter, and the ones I have already ordered... I have 34 XQuibis and counting!


You can find Marlena handing out in our XQS Tribe or on her IG @prettyivyplans08.


  • The first kit I ordered was a Marlene kit and it is the cutest. I am new to dolls in my planner and I love to see the representation. Thank you for putting the time into creating such beautiful planner items for us planner girls.

    Nikki Joyner
  • Work is very good, I do by a lot of kits and I need more kits. I do have few of the young lady in the spot light kits.

  • Work is very good, I do by a lot of kits and I need more kits. I do have few of the young lady in the spot light kits.

  • I agree…customer service is first-class, and representation is key!

  • This review made me smile. Nothing matters more than a warm welcome and representation. ✊🏾


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