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New Year, New Me (again)

Redefine what success looks like


It's 2021 already.  As I look back on the past year, in particular my wellness goals, I have to get real with myself. I fell short.  Ok, I'm probably getting hard on myself as I usually do.  I do have a lot of small and big wins to be proud of.

Looking Back

  • During the later part of March I completed a 30 Days to Healthy Living program. That consisted of Arbonne shakes, teas and a balanced meal plan. I lost 10 lbs. during this program. 
  • Around the same time I purchased a bunch of cute workout clothes from Zyia Active. Having clothes that flattered me actually motivated me to push play and workout.
  • From April to June I was very focused and consistent with my home workouts. I exercised 5x a week. It wasn't easy since I've neglected my fitness and wellness in general. I started with Beachbody's 21 Day Fix, then moved on to Barre Blend. Barre quickly became my soulmate workout. I didn't lose weight with the exercises but I maintained my 10 lb. weight loss.  More importantly, I felt amazing, more confident and had great energy. I had a routine and it became a habit.

Then life happened. I was on my last week of my barre workout program. I had a freak accident where I fell and hyperextended my knee. I ended up tearing my MCL. I was devastated and felt like I failed since I didn't complete the program. But I decided to change my outlook and redefine what success looked like for me. I made these Soulfirmations stickers to remind myself that lessons come from set backs and that success and failure are always on the same path.




Looking Ahead

Now we are in 2021.  My knee I mostly healed. I am committing to refocusing on my wellness goals. Maybe not so hard core as before and allowing myself more grace along the way as I find my XQuisite Journey. My team designed these stickers to help navigate and track our wellness journey that we often neglect. I'm using them personally in 2021 Planner and I hope they will help you too.

The XQuisite Journey sticker sheets come in 4 variations as well as a discounted bundle of 4 option. Each sheet has an xquibi in a different body shape and doing a different activity, and is at a different point in their journey.  The rest of the stickers are the same on all variations. Any sheet can be used as your starting point or your end goal - whether its to gain, lose or maintain wellness.


The gray circle icons can be used to make your own detailed trackers (weight, measurements, meals, hydration, sleep, relaxation, steps and workouts). The yellow circle icons are for decorations or to track yoga or meditation. The facemask, massage, bath, and spa icons, along with cheat day, are self love activities you can schedule in your planner to keep you motivated. The quote, xquibi and stars are for inspiration and deco.

I'm using them personally in 2021 Planner and I hope they will help you too.

If you'll like to purchase the XQuisite Journey sticker sheets to help you on your wellness journey, click here.

xoxo Nana


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  • Even though situations happens , we have get up and keep it moving. Never give up 🙏🏾

    Aundrea S.

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