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Our XQuisite Vision

XQS is turning 4

For those that don't know me, I wanted to use this blog to introduce myself, XQS and my vision.

My name is Nana Monney, owner of XQuisite Soul™, a planner sticker and branding business. I created the business in 2017 when I saw the lack of representation of women of colour in the planner community. The planner community was overly saturated with generic cookie cutter stickers. As a planner girl, I struggled to find stickers that I could relate to or that looked like me. I was tired of demanding inclusiveness from other planner companies and decided to create my own. Using Marketing Impact Academy lessons, I was able to open XQuisite Soul™ in 3 months and create an amazing community of women of colour who love to plan, called XQuisite Soul™ Tribe.

XQuisite Soul™ is known for XQuibis and Get XQuibified - where we transform our customers into a cute planner sticker. To date, we have created a nation of well over 600 XQuibis in various skin tones, hair types and body shapes. What is unique to our business and sets us apart is the level of detail in each design. Love is in the details and no two XQuibi is alike. Our designs bring out the best in our customers' personality. 

With Marketing Impact Academy, I learned the tools necessary to up level my business and scale with our Branding Service. We offer a branding service where we help other small business owners create a professional and unique look for their brand, so that they stand out. Although our service is completely custom, we offer first class service while still being affordable for small business owners. To compare, custom branding can range anywhere up to $3,000 but our branding prices are under $500 for even the most extravagant package.

Summary of our highlights:

  • Black owned business that empowers women of colour to live their best life.
  • We are innovators and trend setters in our industry.
  • We offer luxurious and unique planner sticker designs that you cannot find anywhere.
  • Our Get XQuibified planner stickers are personalized and customized in your likeliness. Over 600 created to date and growing!
  • Our designs are extremely detailed and portray an accurate representation of various skin tones, body shapes, hair types and ethnicities.
  • We offer an affordable professional branding that is as unique as each entrepreneur.
  • We are known for our first-class VIP experience where each customer is treated as if they are our only customer.
  • Our processing and shipping times are quick.
Our Message
Generic planner sticker that are unrelatable make you feel overlooked and unrepresented. XQuisite Soul™ celebrates diversity while offering an imaginative collection of exclusively hand drawn planner stickers and more. It is important that everyone feels represented and included. Your plans are unique to you.  So should your stickers.

What touches my heart the most is when customers message me to tell me how my stickers have impacted them. We pour heart and soul into everything we create, and we love seeing how happy our products make our “XQuisite Souls”.

Thank you again for reading, and supporting XQuisite Soul™!





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  • I am so glad I found XQuisite Soul! They offer a welcomed change to the planner community. I love that I can design and customize stickers that represent me and are in my likeness. Nana provides excellent customer service. She truly makes you feel like you are a part of the XQuisite Soul Tribe with her attention to details. Happy Anniversary Xquisite Soul!


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